Monday, August 24, 2009

From head to toe...

sketching... outdoors

I used to work in a parking lot situated in this alley, these are some sketches of my view...

Title card and credits

This is the title card I made for my film in photoshop... and this was supposed to be the background for my credits as the camera panned down (but I never got that far!).

These are some props from my film I painted in photoshop.

Some close-ups of my BG's from my final film painted in photoshop

Backgrounds from my film...

These were painted digitally in photoshop.

Digital background painting...

Day and Night exercise painted in photoshop.

Painting in gouache.

Creating my character for stop-motion film. Thanks April!

Here are some storyboards and scenes from my film.


P.S. I attached a couple of flash exercises onto the "fun with clay" clip below...

Fun with clay!

I had the opportunity to do some stop-motion at the NFB for a friend's birthday. We were divided into small groups, our group created this short, it was a lot of fun... (Thanks April! Thanks Omid!)  Click here to watch!

Some animation exercises...

Click here to watch!

My final film for school, "Hook, Line and Sinker", a 3 week project done using Toonboom.

Click here to watch!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009