Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here comes the sun! ...and the moon!

Well, the forecast was rain all week, but it ended up being a pretty nice day.  Got a lot of sun and took in the tall ships festival.  The sun was actually pretty intense!  Not only was the sun intense but it's a super-moon as well - a June moon - the closest it will be to the Earth all year (so I heard on the radio).
I decided to add a little colour in photoshop, but now it just looks insane!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Here comes the summer!  I managed to spend the day on the Island yesterday and for the first time in a long while did some sketching outside as I sat on a bench under the scorching sun.  Was thinking about giving it to the lady in the sun hat reading as she seemed nice (and I think I was making her a bit self-concious as I sat on the bench facing her - staring in her direction), but she got up and left while I was still working on the trees behind her.  Sorry lady, hope it wasn't me - the reason you left.