Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lab Monkey Number 9

A friend of mine, who is a toy maker, asked me to help him with his logo, stickers and banners for the upcoming Toronto Comicon.  These are his drawings and his designs, I just coloured them up for him and got them ready to print (plus added a few accents of my own!).  You can check out his stuff here Lab Monkey Number 9, and be sure to check out his booth at the Toronto Comicon!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

self portrait sketch

Did this quick little sketch of myself a few months back (September?) in my sketchbook.  Was out sketching at a cafe when the person I was sketching suddenly noticed I was sketching them, so I looked away and caught my image in the mirror next to me and decided, why not!  I was taking a different approach to sketching that day and thought it looked kind of cool.  So I scanned it in and thought I'd have a little fun experimenting with it...
(ball point pen, photoshop).