Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year and all that jazzz

custom CUSTOM!

This was a vintage piece from the 1920's.  I mounted it on a mahogany veneered background inside of a vintage round frame within which I built mahogany veneered sidewalls.  This was a tough piece to do as it was obviously round!  So I had to cut the glass by hand of course as well as the backing that I had to build out for depth and strength.  Irregular pieces are always a challenge (and they don't get much more irregular than this!) and I generally enjoy doing them as they break up the monotony of the usual never ending "factory line" every day stuff, although a bit frustrating when you have to deal with time constraints!

custom framing

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently working as a custom framer.  I've had the opportunity to frame up some interesting items in this time including a solid silver putter from Tiffany's, some extremely sensitive "smoke paintings", records, shoes, all kinds of sports jerseys, a Ralph Lauren 911 kids sweater, a vintage cutlery set, vintage geometry set, marathon medals, WWII medal, an Order of Canada medal, a set of very old and fragile legal documents on parchment, $400 scarves, an original Emily Carr water colour (worth $65000!), microphones, old medications, the list goes on...  not all of which I have photos for.  I never really thought to take photos until more recently.  Each unique item can present themselves with a different set of "problems", it is my job then to become the problem solver!  Working with these valued objects can be tricky and does require some craftiness, skill and ingenuity.  You do have to become quite creative and inventive at times!  I'll tell ya, making them appear as simple and seamless as possible is not always a simple task.  To float there as naturally as they would sit does require some sort of magic.  And to make sure that they are secure enough to defy the affects of gravity and withstand the inevitable travel and handling to their final resting place up on a wall somewhere.  Indeed I don't believe everyone appreciates the effort that goes into framing every piece, the problem being of course, presenting each item without compromising the integrity of the item!  You cannot damage the item, but you have to secure it somehow!!  Anyhow, here are some examples of my work...

art brownie project

I was part of this group show at IndexG art gallery in November which was a lot of fun.  You can check it out here...  These are 2 of the blocks which I submitted for the show.  The TV sold at the show!


A while back, I finished a storyboarding job I had taken on.  I'd like to post some of it here but I cannot at this time.  Confidentiality and all that stuff.  Hopefully I will be able to post some of it here at a later date.
*Since last posting this however, I was granted permission to post a very select few of the boards.  (I had selected a few but had to edit it down to even a smaller number).  Once the film passes the pre-production phase and is well underway through the production phase, I will be able to display more images.  Until then, here are the few...