Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today I had breakfast at Easy, crossed the bridge over the train tracks and the Gardiner to the lakeshore, walked West on the boardwalk past Sunnyside, and just kept on walking. I walked through tree groves with amazing big old trees, past grazing herds of geese, past huge garbage dump sites fenced off with thousands of bags of garbage, past playgrounds, past the closed swimming pool, over the Humber bridge into Etobicoke, past all the lakeside condos, through nature paths, through the butterfly sanctuary, past all these weird things that looked like fish hatcheries or some kind of scientific experimental ponds or something, some strange buildings, past man made waterfalls, over small bridges, through a myriad of trails past swampy ponds with all sorts of hidden bays and small private beaches, and out onto the tip of a small peninsula into the middle of the lake, like a giant horseshoe from where I had started. And then I walked back. It was a windy day, waves roaring and crashing, started out cloudy. Note to self, next time bring sunglasses. Here are some quick sketches in the wind.

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