Tuesday, February 12, 2013

House Birdhouse or Birdhouse House?

This was a house that I transformed out of a wood block as part of the Art Brownie Project a while back.  However, on the original house, the main feature was the roof - which I painstakingly shingled as you would a real roof - only in miniature.  (I had also built steps, a deck and garbage and recycling bins).  After spending so much time on the roof, I kinda slapped on some paint without too much detail and was never really satisfied with it.  So I decided to give it a facelift, or a "renovation" if you will!  I decided to change it into a birdhouse!  I began by cleaning it up  - adding a little more detail to the brickwork etc.  I added a chimney, a drainpipe (previously painted on), threw some birdseed on the upper deck, drilled a hole, added a perch and oila!  The only thing missing - as was suggested to me - were birds.  So I made some out of Super Sculpey and here we are, House Birdhouse!

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