Friday, January 23, 2015

The Owl

Just recently finished a bookmark design based on a poem.  I may still change a few things, I had originally had in mind an additional scene for the bottom but ran out of time so compromised.  I may update this yet, but for now...

And here is an excerpt of the poem by Taras Shevchenko that was given for the illustration (it's actually pretty long)  So most of my illustration is based on this small part, but I had intentions on referencing some later bits as well such as; there is a maiden waiting in a meadow, the son is taken away for war, the mother becomes an old woman lamenting the loss of her son waiting for his return and in the end SHE is the owl.

The Owl

In a green wooded valley
A mother bore a son;
She gave him eyes most beautiful,
Brows like a benison.
And all the saints the dame besought
That he with luck might live:
"May God's own Mother grant all grace
That mothers cannot give!"
His bath at dead of night she drew
With periwinkles prim;
Till midnight he was cradled soft,
Till dawn she sang to him...

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